Formulating a query

You can make a selection of objects by:

In any case, check Show boxes of all parameters to be returned by the query.

String parameters

For string (text) parameters (ID, ID_*) one can use wildcards: '%' or '*' for any sequence of characters, '_' or '?' for any single character. Any search string entered in Remarks input box is automatically embedded in '%%' unless it contains user-supplied wildcard(s).

Parameter ranges

A range of a numerical parameter may be specified by entering minimum and maximum value. If only one value is given, it serves as lower or upper limit. See below for special rules for RA/Decl.

Coordinates ranges

For RA/Decl coordinates the range may be specified in three ways:
  1. Normal min/max range values
  2. A circle around the point specified by left values. The circle radius in arc seconds should be given in one (and only one) right value by prefixing it with letter 'r':
  3. A rectangle centered on the point specified by left values. Both right values should be given prefixed with 'r' with the meaning of the rectangle half width/height in arc seconds: