NEWS and Changes

2019-02-19 - System maintenence finished: service resumed
2019-02-18 - Added Previous/Next navigation links at star photometry pages.
2019-02-12 - Added an option to specify multiple Field, StarID and StarCat parameters as comma-seperated values.
2019-02-11 - Help file was rewritted. Additional help window on the format of StarCat was added and the list of OGLE-II field names is also provided.
2008-03-11- Added an option to download the query result (star table) as a single plain file. To ease automatic analysis of that file, non-existent photometry fields (magnitude, color) are output as 99.999. The limit for the maximum number of objects retrieved is now applied only to downloading the full photometry data.
2006-03-05- Fixed sexagesimal output bug
2006-02-01- Changed the database server to Old address is automatically redirected.
2006-01-21- Added DIA photometry of LMC fields. The whole database is now complete!
2005-10-30- Added photometry of 21 Galactic Disk fields in Carina, Centaurus, Norma and Scorpius
2005-10-30- Final version of DIA photometry for Bulge BUL_SC1-25 fields
2005-09-18- Changed Isig parameter description in Photometry Data query page from "Mean error of I-mag" to "Standard deviation. of I-mag". We think Mean error could have been misleading
2005-09-17- Added DIA photometry for OGLE-II Bulge fields BUL_SC26-49 (now the Bulge is complete)
NOTE: BUL_SC1-25 fields photometry will be fine-tuned once more soon, this may introduce slight changes
- Added DIA photometry for all OGLE-II SMC fields (SMC_SC1-11)
2005-09-16- Fixed a bug which prevented proper display of query results (pages no. 2 and up) in some cases
- Fixed a bug which prevented proper display of query results when No catalog flag objects only box was checked in some cases
- Set minimum amplitude of light curve plots to 0.2 mag