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Use this form to access the I-band light curves for the OGLE-II stars.

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Field OGLE field name (?)
StarID Star no. in field catalog (?)
X   X pixel coord ¹
Y Y pixel coord ¹
StarCat Catalog designation (?)
RA Right Ascension (J2000) ¹
Decl Declination (J2000) ¹
Ngood No. of good points
Pgood Percentage of good points
I Mean I-band magnitude ²
Imed Median I-band magnitude ²
Isig Standard deviation of I-band magnitude ²
Imederr Median error of I-band magnitude ²
Ndetect No. of detections on subtracted image (DIA only)
 ¹ RA/Dec, X/Y may also specify a circle or rectangle centered on a point, see Help for details;
   RA format: HH:MM:SS or H.HHHHH, Decl: ±DD:MM:SS or ±D.DDDDD
 ² of good points (if Ngood>0)


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    Note: Depending on the target and query it make take a while to complete.