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StarCat Catalog designation  † 
Field OGLE field name  † 
StarID Star no. in field catalog
Type OSARG Mira SRV Star type
Evol RGB AGB Evolutionary status
Spectr O-rich C-rich Spectral type
RA Right Ascension (J2000)  ‡ 
Decl Declination (J2000)  ‡ 
I Mean I-band magnitude
V Mean V-band magnitude
P_1 Period
A_1 I-band amplitude
P_2 Secondary period
A_2 I-band amplitude of the sec. periodicity
P_3 Tertiary period
A_3 I-band amplitude of the tert. periodicity
ID_OGLE_II Identification: OGLE-II  † 
ID_MACHO Identification: MACHO  † 
ID_GCVS Identification: GCVS  † 
ID_OTHER Identification: OTHER  † 
  REMARKS Remarks  † 
‡  RA/Dec, X/Y may also specify a circle or rectangle centered on a point, see Query Help for details;
    RA format: HH:MM:SS or H.HHHHH, Decl: ±DD:MM:SS or ±D.DDDDD
†  String parameters may contain wildcards: '%' for any sequence of characters, '_' for any single character.
    REMARKS search string is auto-embedded in '%%' unless it contains user-supplied wildcard(s).

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Soszyński et al., 2009b, Acta Astron., 59, 239 (Long Period Variables in the LMC) paper overview
Soszyński et al., 2011b, Acta Astron., 61, 217 (Long-Period Variables in the Small Magellanic Cloud) paper overview
Soszyński et al., 2013a, Acta Astron., 63, 21 (Long-Period Variables in the Galactic Bulge) paper overview

Data in the OGLE Long Period Variables database come from the On-line Data Download site for: LMC SMC BLG