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ID Catalog designation †
Type C NC
Star type: Contact, Non-Contact,
Cataclysmic V., ELLipsoidal
RA   Right Ascension (J2000) ‡
Decl   Declination (J2000) ‡
I   Maximum I-band magnitude
V   Maximum V-band magnitude
P   Period
T0   Time of minimum brightness (HJD-2450000)
A_1   I-band main eclipse depth
A_2   I-band secondary eclipse depth
ID_OGLE_II Identification: OGLE-II †
ID_OGLE_III Identification: OGLE-III †
ID_OGLE_IV Identification: OGLE-IV †
ID_OTHER Identification: OTHER †
REMARKS Remarks †
‡  RA/Dec, X/Y may also specify a circle or rectangle centered on a point, see Query Help for details;
    RA format: HH:MM:SS or H.HHHHH, Decl: ±DD:MM:SS or ±D.DDDDD
†  String parameters may contain wildcards: '%' for any sequence of characters, '_' for any single character.
    REMARKS search string is auto-embedded in '%%' unless it contains user-supplied wildcard(s).

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